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2023 Is Going To Be My Best Running Year Yet!

Are you ready to make 2023 your greatest running year yet?

Are you looking to make a comeback and be the fittest (mentally) version of yourself ever?

Have you been trying to hit your running goal and you just haven’t quite got there?

This 2-hour session is an effective goal setting workshop ran by highly qualified sports and exercise psychologist registrar, Domonique Doyle. This workshop will help you craft and be prepared to smash your attitude/outlook goals, your life performance goals, your short-term goals and your annual performance goals. This workshop will also guide you to understanding how to continually evaluate and reset your goals as you go along. Domonique will help guide you through the process of determining good goals for you for your 2023 running journey.

We know that best performances require much more than the physical aspects of conditioning. Training your mind is just as important, and doing so begins with goal setting.

The most important aspect of running, is goal setting. If you don’t have goals, you can lack motivation that then oozes into your inability to be consistent. The main reason it is vital to set running goals, is so that you can structure your run training to suit your goals. When athletes write down their goals, they are forced to examine themselves and see their own dreams. This is important because ultimately, why they hope to achieve their goals—not simply knowing what their goals are—is what motivates them to chase their athletic, and life, ambitions.

Having both a clear sense of where you would like to go and why you would like to go there are critical to providing direction to successful running. This knowledge does two things. First, it allows your day-to-day living and training to take on more direction and meaning. Secondly, even the most fantastic achievements are of little meaning if they are not of tremendous importance to you in the moment of achievement and during the journey to their attainment. Having a very strong understanding of what your goals are and why you are pursuing them can keep you going when the obstacles in your path become large and scary, can lead you to your greatest achievements, and can ensure that you fully soak in the joy of those achievements.

This workshop will take a detailed look at the components of effective goal setting and provide some activities to help you more clearly identify your goals and create a pathway to help you get there.



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Event Details

This Running Form workshop will be held on Tuesday 8 November AND Thursday 10 November. You only attend one session – providing two dates so that you can make one of them. This is your chance to learn how to run more smoothly, preserve energy and to run faster. You will learn how to develop efficiency, strength and power as a runner, helping you run more effectively and reducing your risk of injury. Courtney from Peak Per4mance is incredibly talented and will have you leaving feeling empowered and knowledgeable. 

This workshop is a practical session so please bring your runners and water bottle. Children are welcome to join in OR observe. This workshop will help you run with better control and coordination. You will get some great tips and feedback on your own running form so you can leave with little things to focus on during your own runs.

Workshop details

  • Date: Tuesday 8 November OR Thursday 10 November
  • Time: 5pm- 6.15pm
  • Location: University of Sunshine Coast Track 
  • Cost: $40

Ready to take your running to the next level? Secure your spot in this not-to-be-missed workshop today.



Motivational Guest Speaker: Renee Chagoury (creator + owner of SSRC)

My goal is to instill passion, desire and the fire to rekindle the motivation and inspiration in you, in your work environment or at your social environment. You receive the most vulnerable me, the raw me and the passionate me. Through my story, I share strategies that will support you in being brave to step out of your comfort zone and begin your journey in being the BEST version of YOU!

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